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A Matter of Reasoning - The Spark in My Bonfire Heart

I look forward to our twentieth anniversary this coming December. For the last few years, I had been telling my friends and loved ones that I expect that by our twentieth anniversary, Greg and I will have the legal right to marry. I visualized it, dreamed on it, believed it and so it became so. T…

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I Can't Stop, I Won't Stop, I Can Blog What I Want To


Today, I return home from my respite at the lake in the country. The second week of the government shutdown and the second in my career with the federal government. This second time around is very different because I'm older, wiser and a vested civil servant. I grasp what is at stake today. I …

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Shut It Down

I couldn’t sleep last night; I tossed and turned and when my mind would finally quiet itself and I’d drift off to sleep, the dreams would begin. I’d wake, the thoughts would return and the cycle would repeat itself. Government shutdown. Déjà vu. Colonoscopy. Cancer.

On this day two o…

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