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Coming Home!

Going to pick him up. Update later.

That Dream Again

I’m in the elevator going down to the mezzanine level. The mezzanine level holds the conference room, which is full of people, people with various degrees some even PHD’s, all waiting to hear from me. I feel my anxiety level rise, take flight actually as the elevator reaches its destination and th…

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There's No Place Like Home

Yesterday came and went which makes Greg's stay in the hospital one week and a day. We're still hopeful that we'll receive a call today and word of discharge. There's no place like home and once home, I believe he'll do better with his recovery. He managed to eat some yesterday which he’s been un…

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Quick Update

Good news from pathology—no radiation or chemo—prognosis is good. Greg is still in the hospital having difficulty with post surgery pain, nausea and dizziness. Trying to keep vertigo at bay. He’s been advanced to soft foods but isn’t having much success with eating and Tuesday makes Greg’s stay i…

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My Nights and Days are Full But I'm Remembering to be Grateful

So my sister-in-law is staying with me, which has been a big help here at the Goshorn House. Yesterday morning we were, once again, up before the sun and waiting on an early morning visit from the plumber who would be finally fixing our kitchen sink. Two days before Greg was due in the hospital, o…

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We’re sitting here in Greg’s room visiting with him. He’s still dozing in and out throughout the day and is on full liquids although not eating much beyond broths. They are slowly weaning him off narcotic pain meds but he’s having difficulty stomaching Tylenol so they’re still giving him some Dila…

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24 Hours Post-Op

Yesterday was a long day but a good day. After three plus hours of waiting, we finally met with the doctor who said the operation went well. The mass was removed and he said the margins were clean. He removed some lymph nodes and we’ll hear back from pathology next week but it is expected it will…

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Night Sweats

I'm sure it was nerves or stress that triggered this episode or maybe it's all the added meds overloading his system that brought on the extreme vertigo. I didn’t notice any of the signs; I usually can but my mind was already occupied with stuff. So when I heard him stir and moan for help because …

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Less Than One Week to Go

Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday to remove the cancerous tumor. It’s a surgery more invasive than Greg was hoping for and he’s having a difficult time with this. We were doing a little grocery shopping last evening and right in the middle of the dairy isle, Greg’s mind was momentarily flooded wi…

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Going Bat Shit Crazy

We had a rough start to our last weekend but managed to turn a corner by the time Sunday rolled around. I was panicked on Friday when I found a small bug crawling…. i n o u r b e d !! I captured the little intruder and within minutes after searching Google, I was deep in the middle of a full-…

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Day by Day, Moment by Moment

Grateful for my parents’ assistance, Mason is all checked into Blue Lake and all went smoothly. I’m certain he’ll have a great time and gain from the experience—because of my own trust issues, it’s his first overnight camp experience. He’ll be gone just under two weeks.

Greg and I …

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Distraction is Welcome

Distraction—is the word of the day. It is difficult to concentrate on any one thing; I do my best to make it through my work day. It’s only upon night fall with less distraction that my mind goes into overdrive. I’m exhausted but wide awake. I hear him toss and turn and quietly listen attentivel…

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Cancer Sucks

Monday morning hit us hard; it’s been a tough weekend. This weight we’ve been carrying since Wednesday was beginning to wear us down—the unanswered questions were heavy and the uncertainty almost unbearable. We hoped to hear the definitive results of a pathology report by Friday’s end, this didn’t…

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