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Blog posts September 2013

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Today Greg met with the surgeon, which was the first visit since his stay in the hospital. He learned that he’ll have two more visits; one of these visits involves a test or scan and if all goes well—he’ll head back into the hospital October 11th to be made whole again. And “C” free. This is grea…

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Short Update—Back to…Normal

Well almost. Greg is doing better; he has more energy but still can’t drive and must continue to take it easy. Mason’s first days of school in the seventh grade are underway and the transition has been fairly smooth. He is in the PATH program at Hope College for Language Arts, PATH—Program for th…

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48 Hours of Gratitude

It’s been close to 48 hours since picking Greg up from the hospital. In total, Greg spent eleven days in room 24 on 4G at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids. He’s been resting and trying to take it slow. He’s been getting out some, taking walks and going with me on small errands. He can only take…

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