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Blog posts December 2014

A Child's Christmas

Once again it’s that very special time of year;

So I send this message to all I hold dear;

In the warmth of our houses during the season so cold,

We adorn a tree with colors of red, green and gold;

We decorate our yards and houses in lights all a glow,

And we anticipate that morning we find a blan…

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Pissed On Christmas


If only he’d pissed on Christmas two years earlier, it might have helped to exstinguish the fire that spread to my bed and almost torched the back half of the trailer on lot 13 I called home. For that story and several more, you will have to wait for the book. Just know that growing up, the holi…

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Grandma Gerrans Eulogy


Naomi P. Gerrans


May 15, 1922 - December 11, 2014




I was just six years old. In first grade when my dad, just a young man himself, sat me down in my bedroom to tell me that my grandfather had passed away. It’s the first time I can recall seeing my father cry. I cried too.


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