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Blog posts February 2014

Onward, Christian Soldiers


It's truly amazing to be a part of this time, the historical journey towards marriage equality in this country.  Looking back on the last ten years, it began with Massachusetts in 2003 being the first state to legally recognize same-sex marriage.  Today, with the state of Texas there are 17 or 18…

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Some More of My Past Poetry


They were young and in love and very full of life; They started an early journey when he took her as his wife

 They introduced me to the world and they took me along, you see; It was love that had carried them and it was they that carried me

New journeys have started for my sibling and I; 

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Touch of Tomorrow

The Beloved Disciple - Part I

As I use your craft, may you hear these words.  Language is a conventional art of mortality, it is limited in the physical.  In the spiritual, we awake to our sense of full capacity and are no longer limited to our physical conventions.  In the physical, stories, legends, books, religions limit a…

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My Valentine

This Valentine's Day brings a new day, it marks another year.  This year, however, I make every day count.  I do not take one for granted.  Today, I am grateful for my true Valentine.   Our relationship is like a great red wood.  It has weathered many storms, but our deep love for one another h…

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Happy Birthday, Baby Boy



Dear baby boy,

While your papa and I were not there to witness your birth, we were there in the beginning to witness your coming to life.  Your first words, your first steps, running, playing, laughing.  We loved from the start, and felt your immediate love in return.  The bond I prayed for was…

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I Support the Olympic Athletes from Across the Globe


I know much of the world will be watching today and some are choosing not to watch in personal protest of Russian human rights issues.

Russia was selected to host the 2014 Winter Olympic games some seven years ago.  Last year, a law was enacted by the Russian government that bans the distribution…

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