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Judge Not


And trust your own judgment; no one's advice is more reliable.    14 Sometimes your own intuition can tell you more than seven watchman on a high tower.  15 Above all, pray to the Most High that he will show you the right thing to do.  - Ecclesiasticus 37

Not recognized by some, there is more t…

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My Rock


The phone rings, I'm working in the office so I let the answering machine pick up.  The sound of a barely audible, elderly lady begins speaking and ends asking for Greg to call her back before saying goodbye.  I learn later during dinner that it's Margo. She suffered a stroke this past year. She o…

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Dream Big and Prepare to be Blown

[caption id="attachment_460" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Dreams are Powerful Dreams are Powerful[/caption]

Letting go of the power sucks

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Yesterday I traveled to Washington to pay my respects to a dear friend and mentor. After a long day with delayed flights, I finally arrived at his home for visitation. Just as we arrived, the sky opened, the sun came through and there over the house a beautiful double rainbow.


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I woke up at the Lake House this morning, my mind very heavy.  As I sit in the quiet drinking my black brew, I reflect upon recent days.  My thoughts are scrambled over the death of a colleague, a mentor, a friend.  I pray for the family he leaves behind.  My mind still fresh with its fragmented pie…

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My Little Brother Turns 40


So my brother is 40 today, we were born five years apart.  We shared bunk beds growing up until we moved across the tracks and got rooms of our own in the new family home; I was the age Mason is now.

So many memories from childhood; you take the good, you take the bad, and there ya have.   Two di…

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