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From Chapter - 1997

They thought I was dead.  When I called some of my military buddies to catch them up on my life it had been about four years so they were shocked yet relieved to hear from me.   In mid-1997 the tragic death of Giani Versace made world news.  The great Italian fashion designer was brutally murdered o…

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Great News - The Book is Coming

Stay tuned.

Daily Reflection

There were many days I couldn't imagine making it through the hours, let alone the many tomorrows that would follow.  I am grateful.

Lessons in the Woods

I have such great memories of my maternal grandfather.  He was strong yet gentle.  Kind yet firm.  Wise yet humble.  A man of great faith.  My grandpa was an honest, hard working, good man. He was a stellar example of a father, a patient teacher, giving me my strong work ethic.  He taught me lessons…

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Thanksgiving Day 2020

Entering this holiday season I have so much to be grateful for.  My health.  My loved ones.  My home.  The abundance in my life.  

But it’s just so strange. 

As we celebrate Thanksgiving a bit differently this year, many of us are pining for normalcy and past celebrations with loved …

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Republican Jesus or Classic Jesus

Occasionally I come across one of those modern-day equivalents to chain mail when scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and typically skim through it, roll my eyes and keep scrolling.  Recently, a family member posted one of these that I recalled being widely circulated on the internet years ago. …

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Veteran's Day Reflection

Those closest to me know that physical fitness is a big part of my sobriety and helps me stay balanced.  I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for most of my adult life.  The feel-good endorphins one gets when completing a long run, bike ride, or tough workout are like no other.  But not only is exercise a…

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Boom and Now He’s In College

Oh my God!  Why?” A friend exclaimed, when I shared the news about our decision to adopt a baby.


“A baby!  As in human?” Another friend asked.


More unpleasant, catty chatter among a circle of friends had gotten back to us about the journey we began toward parenthood.  



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Grateful For 50 Years of Love and Family

I used to say, "I'm a little bit of my father, and a little bit of my mother, but a whole lot of me!"  While I think it's still true, I can appreciate the parts of me that are my mother and father more today than ever.  Today, my parents have been married for fifty years and I've been a part of thei…

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Gays know firsthand what fear, discrimination mean


I was just months old
when the Stonewall riots
sparked the gay liberation
movement and gave birth to
gay rights organizations
across the country. “Gay
Pride” marches have commemorated
the riots’ anniversary

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Some Perspective

Following a school board meeting during which members of a newly formed church that holds worship services in our public school system, a local paper published an article covering the story.  A move made by our local superintendent has caused an on-going, contentious debate among community members o…

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Stuff on My Mind Today

Each morning I get up, grab my cup of coffee and sit facing the sunrise.  While there are mornings I cannot see the actual sun rise, I know it's still there beyond the gray, beyond the clouds as the darkness of early morning does turn to light.  I sit for that first few minutes until my brew begins …

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Forty Days in Forty-Eight Years

Everyone has heard the saying that it takes just 21 days to make or break a habit.  This long-standing myth has been around for decades but newer research suggests that it's more likely 66 days or more with the caveat that everyone forms a new habit at his or her own pace of 18 to 254 days.  I am no…

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Today is a New Day

Today is a new day.  It sparks promise.  Hope.  Renewal.

I just need to awaken.  To the awe.  The wonder.

And receive. 

This Is How One Veteran Feels Today

   The results of this week have pushed me into a very dark place.  The outcome that I would not allow myself to think about before the election happened.  My country elected a man to assume the highest office in our nation that is the antithesis of everyone and everything I’ve come to know as good …

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A Spiritual Journey: Intuition, Faith, Tragedy & Gifts

Each anniversary of the most horrific event in our Nation’s history marks a very significant period of time in our family's history. Stepping outside the shadows of 9-11, we celebrate the light in our world.  This October 3rd marks the fifteenth anniversary of bringing Mason into our lives.


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Trailer Trashed

It was a summer, I was twelve. Mom had been very busy with her, almost daily, ritual of cleaning the 10X60 rectangular box on lot 13, we called home. I was now confined to the front portion of this giant shoebox, at the kitchen table with my drawings. I was not allowed to pass through the living roo…

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An Exchange - She is Blind and Speaks in Tongues



Aunt Karon

God Bless America! We must pray for our country and to pray for God's choice for who to vote for! We need The Lord to move on our countries behalf, and it will take prayer, and it is our responsibility to do so! I want our children and grandchildren to live in a free and b…

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