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An Exchange - She is Blind and Speaks in Tongues



Aunt Karon

God Bless America! We must pray for our country and to pray for God's choice for who to vote for! We need The Lord to move on our countries behalf, and it will take prayer, and it is our responsibility to do so! I want our children and grandchildren to live in a free and blessed country! We cannot be too busy and so wrapped up in ourselves not to see that we need God's agenda in all of this, and for those who don't think so, well, sooner or later it will become a reality! God is good, he loves us, he wants to bless us, he is for us and not against us, lets seek HIS face and do accordingly, his will NOT ours!

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Sooooo, you mean, um, we should vote Romney? God's agenda, right?

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Aung Karon

Always God's agenda! Let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven, that was his prayer and therefore should be our prayer. God gives us a choice, he says, I set before you life and death, blessings and cursings, therefore choose life! He tells us what to choose! We are not robots, we have choices and we make our own choices, so yes, I want his choice that is why we need to seek his face! I am passionate about my convictions, I will not be in any combat about this, everyone has a right to vote as they choose. Everything will speak for itself when all is said and done. The truth will always eventually come out and everything that's hidden in darkness will be brought to the light! By the way, I love you, Greg!

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I think God and the people of this great Nation have spoken clearly. ;-)

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Aunt Karon

The people of Isreal(in God's word) wanted a King, they wanted their agenda, so God said, alright, have your king, the king was Saul. This was not God's choice but he allowed it and Saul was a wicked king! I am still praying for God's agenda for America and for President Obama for the fire of God to move in the capital and in our president and congress and the senate for this nations and people's eyes to be opened. I pray for salvation and for the glory of God to go into their homes. Just because a nation chooses does not make it God's choice, however, what satan means for bad, God can turn it around! Many have turned away from God and away from his word because of their own pleasures, but God has a remnant that will not bow to satans plan and will run the race that The Lord has put before him, and who is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the cross he died on, and of his blood that was shed for us! I want our president saved and working with God and his word not against his word! Giod loves him! My hope is in Jesus nothing else! God will move in this country and somehow revival will come and people will see and God will use anyone to do it whether that's their agenda or not! I love people because Jesus lives in me and I want what God wants, Lord have your way in all of this! I love you, Greg, I pray for you all the time and all of my loved ones! Barak Obama may be president but Jesus is king!

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Karon--I ask you what is at the root of your fear? What do you see that is so wicked, full of satan? Your words do not make any sense. You make contradictory statements. You make claims that you want what God wants but you profess your allegiance to the GOP, the [current] Republican platform, Romney, Ryan, the Right Choice and groups like it. How do you know what is and isn't in another's heart? Once again, you're speaking as though you some how have the higher hand of God and have the ear of of the Lord, the ear of Christ--or rather He has yours. Fear and judgement is all you have ever known and is all you shall know. You cannot inflict fear in me. You need not quote the bible, tell stories--God speaks beyond these passages. The bible was written by men, inspired-yes-but none the less written by men, transcribed by men, developed by the church and early political powers, and revised by men and used by man to condemn and invoke fear. Do NOT think I believe there isn't goodness, love, peace and comfort in its passages but far too often and throughout its history, man has used the bible to fulfill personal ideals and agendas. I've stated this before and I'll state it again--I look to Christ's example of how He lived His life. Even in His death, He was teaching us. I would not have made it without His grace; it was through Him that I found my way out of darkness years ago and into the light.

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Aunt Karon

I sweetheart am not fearfully, I do hear his voice and have seen and experienced God's awesome hand and power in my life. You can believe what you want, your choice. God's word is inspired by the Holy Spirit! You can believe it or not, I will speak God's word, I am saying that God will have his way one way or another, he can use any president. This president was not my choice, he is for abortions, how sad, socialism, not me, my choice! I did not attack you, and I have and will pray for our president, that is following what Jesus said and did! My allegiance is to God, I don't approve if one party but I base my vote on the issues instead, so you think you know me, really? I never post anything to try to cause controversy but you have jumped on everything I have said, you must just want me to agree with his agenda? I don't, my choice, you have the right to think what you want and make your own choices! I also have that right. I know my savior in a personal way, and he says his sheep know his voice!

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Greg Gerrans

It's clear the President was not your choice and I’m okay with that and in no way want you to agree with anyone’s particular views, but let’s be honest.  You say that "he is for abortions" - you are wrong making that statement and have been misguided.  He is for "choice."  I think you need to be reminded that the federal Supreme Court decision, which legalized abortion nationwide, has been in place for over forty (that's 40) years.  And just so we are clear, I am Pro-life.  I, however, understand and know that the government cannot and should not interfere with a citizen's right to choose what is best for one’s own health and well-being.  Abortion has been around for centuries, even in ancient biblical times.  I also must make another point on this topic, simply overturning Roe Vs. Wade (which we know Romney supports) will not result in fewer abortions—history has taught us this and we know it is true.  In fact, the potential for more deaths is highly likely because we would once again have non-medical personnel performing them.  So, you can't hang your hat on that statement that Obama is for abortions because you are sadly misinformed and flat-out wrong.  Socialism?  Really? Again, I think you’re misguided on this as well.  President Obama never once said that government is the only vehicle for producing jobs but needs to be a piece to the overall issues facing our economy.  You state that you don't ever post things to cause controversy; you do and you have indirectly and directly.  Have you forgotten our exchange we had a while back through Facebook—in which you deleted all my comments that you didn’t agree with, leave only your rants?  Please just be honest, I’m certain that, in part, your reasons for voting for Romney are that he has come out and made claims that he will support a US constitutional amendment to define a marriage between one man and one woman.  He would also support any legislation to prevent any future children being raised by same-sex couples.   That is controversy.  That is ME.  YOU are connected to two very important people in my life that I love dearly—my mom, Cheryl and my aunt, Carol.  They have children of God also.  Leaving the bible out of it (because I could go head to head on that subject as well particularly as it relates to homosexuality), I understand some might not think that two men “marrying” is normal; or two men having children is normal.  Just some food for thought:  nor was it considered normal for persons of different races to marry just some sixty-plus years ago.  It was not considered normal and still isn’t the “norm” for some.  Some sixty-plus years ago, divorce, stepparents, kids being raised by grandparents, foster parents – were not all considered the norm for all people.  And that’s okay.  It’s not about what is considered normal by a majority of people; for me and millions of other Americans like me, it’s about my right, my son’s right, to have the freedom, rights and protection under the law to be able to live our normal.


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